Wovember 2015

buttonWovember 2015 is here. Wovember, established in 2011, is a celebration and campaign for clearer labelling and honest marketing of woollen clothing. Wovember is about demonstrating a collective appreciation of wool by wearing as much of it as possible, by sharing woolly and fibrous stories and images throughout November.  The campaign is shepherded by Team Wovember: Felicity Ford, Louise Scollay, Kate Davies and Tom van Deijnen.

I’ve a couple of projects planned.  The first is to knit out that Robins Pincushion circular throw from the yarn that was dyed and spun up during Spinzilla.

The second project, which fits in perfectly with this years Wovember theme: Year of the small producer.  Which has got me thinking.  I, er herm embarrassed cough,  ‘aquire’ quite a bit of fleece throughout the year from various folk that have sheep but no need of the troublesome fluff that they have to remove every year.  Free, gratis, niet, nought. I always gift something back.  The most recent is a donation from Oliver in the village from one of his Norfolk Horns.   So my second project will be a gift back to say thankyou.  I’ll let you know what I do when I’ve done it and why I did what I did in a coming post.

In the meantime we can all contribute through words, pictures and by joining in with the Wovember Wool-A-Long  and through the Ravelry group.  And most importantly wear as much wool as you can.

Check it out.  Your Wovember Needs You!  Let me know what you do.IMG_20151110_140630827_HDR


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