The fibreworkshop is me, Jenn Monahan.  I live in a small place in a big space, Norfolk, UK, home of the big sky.

It’s hard to believe how far I’ve come from Grannys knitting knees as a small child.  My first spinning experience was at college back in 1986.  Just the once.  Once was enough.  But life has a habit of taking over when you are only 17.  I never forgot though.  I didn’t get to learn properly until I was taught by the lovely Nicky at Ashfords, Ashburton in New Zealand on my ancient second hand $30 wheel.  Since then, we’ve come home and the habit just kept on growing and I can’t stop.  It’s hard to believe how far it’s gone. I knew it was time when the family sat me down and told me they wanted the kitchen back.  So the fibreworkshop was conceived.  The workshop is my backyard office/workshop/sanctuary, a lovely studio full of fibrery goodness.  A place of peace and creativity.  Where the magic has time and space to happen.

I started the fibreworkshop in 2014 with no real plan or particular direction.  Just me, an obsession with wool, and the magic that comes with noodling about with fleece.  Preparing, dyeing, spinning, and knitting the thing that came into my minds eye when I look at a pile of pooey, greasy, smelly fleece. As with all things it has evolved.

Sourcing much of my fleece locally from small producers gave me an insight into their world and the problems they face.  Its been an education. I have a huge respect for those that keep our rare breeds alive.  It’s an ever growing network of the most amazing knowledgeable, generous and modest people.  Its through them that I was introduced to the Norfolk Horn.  And so the fibreworkshop continues to evolve…

With a resolve to continue sourcing all of the materials and products as locally as I can the fibreworkshop aims to do what it can to support them in the best way it can.