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Fermented Suint (FSM) update

Ok, blimey crickey it works.  It really works.

I left the fleece in for 8 days, until Wednesday, as it wasn’t smelling as much as I was expecting.  It looked vile, brown with a kind of white scum on top:


DSC04054and yes it smells.  But then again they have just finished spraying manure on the field out the back and we have a turkey unit down the road that stinks to high heaven on days when the wind is in the right direction, so  if it comes to playing top trumps on stinkiness FSM tank is a good third place but not a hands down winner.  I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a lot of neighbours though or limited outdoor space …

I gave the feece a couple of rinses in rain water (which gave me water full of yummy goodness for my vegetable patch).  Then I put some of it into a hand hot detergent soak for about half an hour and some of it I didn’t.  Then I rinsed both until the water ran clean.  And this is what I got:


Pretty clean eh.  The detergent soak was definitely cleaner and less greasy.  But I can say that I now fully understand what “in the grease” means.  Its clean but still has some lanolin, and has slightly sticky feel.  Nothing like as much as before.  I might try a slightly hotter detergent soak on smaller bits when I want to use it.  I’ve got one half of the second Massam in the tank.  Will see it it gets stronger as we go.  I also don’t think it really saves that much on rinsing water but definitely saves on washing and heating water.

Will definitely keep using it.



5 thoughts on “Fermented Suint (FSM) update

  1. I use the fermented suint method to clean fleeces too. I’ve had an old water butt filled with stinky brown water for 7 months now. I have another rain butt next to it which provides the rinse water – I rinse in an old baby bath. As you re-use the brown stinky vat the fleeces need less time in there.
    I have dried some fleece just from rain water rinsing and found it good to spin – also nice on my hands when picking. I’ve also followed the rain water rinsing with a low temp detergent soak and further rinse. Comes up lovely. I’ve just ordered a Lincoln longwool fleece. Even though I know it works I will be nervous of pushing the lovely locks into the yucky water.

    1. Great to hear of someone else with a stinky tank of brown gung! And thanks for sharing your experience of using FSM. I have popped some Kerry Hill fleece in the tank for a couple of days too but I think I didn’t leave it in long enough as it was a very greasy fleece and is still quite greasy. Good luck with the Lincoln.

  2. This was so interesting and the clean fleece looks beautiful…..I spun some washed Shetland fleece at Norfolk Yarn last weekend which still had a nice sticky oily feel to you can imagine I loved it xx

  3. Hello,
    I currently have a rambouillet fleece soaking in the yard. Have any of you ever used any of your fermented suint for garden fertilizer? I thought I read somewhere that you can do that, but can’t seem to find that information anywhere. Happy scouring!

    1. Yes, I used it on the veg patch and it didn’t seem to cause any problems.

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