Nostepinne ball winder


Beautiful hand turned Nostepinne hand held centre-pull ball skein winder

Available in spalted Beech, Birch and Cherry.

Special commission each one is unique.



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This beautifully hand turned nostepinne or hand held ball winder are a special commission by the fibreworkshop.

Simple, elegant and perfectly balanced in the hand. So take time to relax and unwind whilst you wind your skeins into centre pull balls.

They are made by the very talented Mikey of Lyng Wood Turning from spalted wood sourced from windfall trees in the local area. This collection includes Beech, Birch and Yew.

I love spalted wood, the beautiful etching of fungi making each piece unique in colouration and pattern.

In case you are wondering Nostepinne (or nostepinde) is the original ball winder.  Nosteppine is a Scandinavian word that means nest-stick. It is a tool used to wind a center-pull yarn ball. A beautiful, portable, easy to use, tool to create centre-pull balls without changing the twist in the yarn.

Beautifully balanced and will stand upright.

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beech, birch, yew


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