Norfolk Horn Roving



100% Norfolk Horn

washed, carded roving and ready for use

perfect for spinning and other craft uses

proudly produced from fleece sourced from small flocks in Norfolk



Our Norfolk Horn roving.

Carefully selected fleece that has been washed and carded at the mill into roving ready for you to use.

Ideal for spinning into your own yarn or other craft uses. Perfect for needle felting, weaving or using as a wadding in quilts or filling for toys and cushions.

The fleece is left natural – no dyes or bleaches – so is perfect for hand dyeing.

The fleece has been washed, not scoured, so it still retains some natural oils for a smooth and easy spin.

The Norfolk Horn is a rare breed.  Its fleece is one of the best fleeces of any native British breed of sheep. It is classified as a fine fleece.  The staple has a medium length of between 7 – 10 cm, and is crimpy.  This makes it an easy spin for the less experienced spinner.  It also has a lovely handle which is soft enough for use in the clothing.

Norfolk horn has a lovely creamy oatmeal colour.  It also has a subtle pearlescent lustre and a softness that will surprise you.

We are proud to have produced this Norfolk Horn roving for you.

Because we are super fussy about the fleece that goes into our Norfolk Horn yarn we have a lot of fleece left over from our first sort that is still of exceptional quality.  Part of our ethos is that there is no such thing as waste, just a lack of imagination.  So, working with our miller, the woollyagician Paul at the Halifax Spinning Mill, we decided to select the best of the rest to produce this carded roving. We hope you like it as much as we do.

All our fleece is sourced from small flocks in Norfolk, UK to produce the best Norfolk Horn yarns and fibres we can.  Supporting the custodians of our British Native Rare Breeds.

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