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Rig-a-Jig-Jig Folk Tea

Sad now the summer seems to be over, there is a definite autumn tang in the air, the sun seems to have left the building.  Fear not though, no chance of letting in the autumn blues in as things are just too busy, keeping me out of the workshop and away from fibre fun.  RigaJigJig

Saturday saw the first in a month of musical events at the village hall.  The season kicked off with a very civilised event in the village hall with An Afternoon Folk Tea with Rig-a-Jig-Jig complete with home baking and tea in real china cups and saucers.

None of your ‘finger in the ear Aran RigaJigJigAudienceJumper-ness’ nonsense here though.  Rig-a-Jig-Jig collect and play Norfolk folk songs and have many fine tales and amusing anecdotes to relate about the songs and tunes themselves, which gives the music a real sense of place.  The hall was packed so no room to manoeuvre for some dancing just sitting down foot tapping, so genteel, so English.  I fib a bit as this is not strictly true, the band also brought along a clog dancer who gave a couple of dances.

What, you ask is traditional Norfolk Clog Dancing?  Why, cry I, just watch this youtube video..

Sadly could only stay for the first half as we to go off for another party right across the other side of the county.  But we did stop for the tea with many lovely cakes baked by J and L. So many cakes, so very many lovely cakes, too many to chose from, so I didn’t and had a bit of one of every thing…Yum.