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Folk in a Field Festival 4 – 5th July

In addition to experimenting with vats of fermenting fleece I’ve spent the past couple of weeks gearing up for the next Fibre Workshop outing to the Folk in a Field Festival at Narborough, Norfolk on the 4th and 5th of July.

Much battiness happening beforehand.  Dyeing and carding and developing some new autumn blends.  More on this later once I’ve finished.

Sarah having a go solo

We had a beautiful woodland spot.  Which looked lovely.  But…OMG!  mosquitoes and biting flies galore.  Savaged to a wizened husk.  We decided not to sleep in the tent and slept in the van instead.

Lots of folk really interested in what I do and the whole process. So many people wanted to have a go. Harry,who had just had his first celidh and was very sweaty and high on twirling around and cider methinks, who turned out to be a good spinner.  The lovely lady who told me terrible stories about her daughters in law whilst I taught her the basics of long draw spinning and how to use hand carders. Also the many children just fascinated by the whole process of of transforming a rubbishy skanky fleece to their own spun bit of yarn.

The weekend was a success and I will definitely be doing it again next year if I’m allowed to.

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