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self striping batt on my drum carder

I’ve been busy in the studio getting very obsessed with colour gradients on the drum carder.  Normally with stripes on a drum carder you feed the colours in separately in thin bands.  Which is fine as long as you want distinct colour changes.  But the down side is that the stripes don’t hold together and can separate out.  And you also get that distinct colour change.  What if you want a gradient in colours with a nice blending and a batt that holds together? The technique I’ve been using is one I learnt of Esther Rogers (Jazz Turtle Creations You Tube video here: In this technique there are two steps.  First, feed the colours onto the carder in layers in the order you want your colour transition to go.  Here’s one:

Layers in stripes step 1 layers
Layers in stripes step 1 layers

Step two.  Pull of this layered batt and then split it into two along the length of the batt (watch Esther’s video if this isn’t making sense).  Then take one of the pieces turn it on to its side so you can see the coloured layers and spread it out abit so its the full width of the drum.  I also pull it out a bit lengthways to make it nice and thin enough to feed easily on to the drum carder). Then simply run it back through and you get a lovely gradient like this: Holkamgradientbattoncarder You can get some really cool effects.  Here are some of my more recent attempts. battgradientpeacock1battblosssompink1battgradientholkham2 Go on have a go its fun.

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