The fibreworkshop was established by Jenn Monahan in 2014. It’s based in a small place in a big space, Norfolk, UK.  Home of the big sky and open landscape of heaths and beaches.

We are a small yarn producer working in Norfolk. Proudly supporting Norfolks farming, creative and design community.

We are committed to creating a sustainable, environmentally respectful and inclusive business that promotes wool, sustainable textiles and regenerative agriculture through our products and practises. You can find our ethics and policies here.

Our wool

Our wool is from the Norfolk Horn, Norfolk’s indigenous sheep breed.  A rare breed with an amazing story that is deep connection with Norfolks own history and culture. You can find out more about the Norfolk Horn and a brief summary of its story here.

We don’t keep sheep.  Our role is to support those that do. 

It’s through Jenns spinning life that her relationship with these knowledgeable, generous and modest people gave her an awareness of their world and the problems they face. Excluded from the UKs wool market system their fleeces are perceived as worthless, a waste by product to be burnt or composted. This politicised Jenn to do something to give this wonder fibre a meaning and value (you can read more here).

We take something that is currently of so low a value that it is perceived as waste and give it have a value.

But it’s also important that our wool is traceable and sustainably produced.  Our wool is sourced directly from small flocks in Norfolk. Without them we can’t do what we do. Our regular suppliers include:

Gressenhall Farm and Museum of Rural Life , Beetley Norfolk https://www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/gressenhall-farm-and-workhouse

The Narborough Flock, Wymondham https://www.thenarboroughflock.com/

The Elsing Orchard Flock, Elsing

Dye Farm, Thetford

We began with our first very much test edition Norfolk Horn in 2018.  Collecting together the first clip and amassing a tiny 30kgs for our test run. Since then our network has grown and we are now about to launch our third edition tripling our production.

Natural Colour

We try to be as sustainable and self-sufficient in our practise as we can. Growing and sourcing locally as much of our dyestuffs as we can.

Jenn works exclusively with plant dyes. She has built up a body of knowledge and skills in using plant dyes to give environmentally sustainable colour to wool and textiles. 

Using dyes derived from gathering wild plants, harvesting organic crops and using food waste in addition to responsibly sourced traditional natural dye materials to give a beautiful pallet of natural colours that don’t cost the earth.

Jenn is also a grower of Woad, Isatis tinctoria, the UKs native source of indigo.  She grows and produces organic indigo that she uses in her practise.